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How Important Are Our High Street's

The High Street. The loss of the High Street to the internet giants will haunt us in time, unless we consider the enormous impact on our culture and way of life, and do something about it. Please take the time to consider this story of concern:

As we walk down our High Street and wonder just why

This way of life is about to die

Forever the place where everything you could get

Killed by that monster we call the internet

Our way of life will change forever

Unless we make a stand to keep it together

As children we knew it was the place for joy

The place you went to get yourself a toy

We hated the walk but we didn’t say

Because we knew if we got there we’d get our own way

As teens we’d head off down the street

In the hope that the love of our life we may possibly meet

In time it would happen, in a cafe, a shop or a store

Putting us together for evermore

Married with children it was still part of life

To head down the street, husband children and wife

As adults it was real family time, bringing us together in a special way

Despite arguments, tantrums and inevitable strife, it always ended in a special day

Our families enjoyed their time together on the street

Visiting the shops, restaurants and bars was a treat

You could spend as you wanted on food, drink or a toy

But it was being together that gave us the joy

As the future moves on the High Street seems doomed

Killed by e-commerce as laziness loomed

We couldn’t be bothered to stretch our legs and walk to town

We’d sit on our arse and let the High Street down

When it dies we’ll regret that day and what we failed to do

As the High Street disappears into history for me and you

Our grand kids will never know the excitement or joy

Of a walk down the street to find that special toy

A family trip that meant so much will be gone forever

When all that was needed was to support the High Street together

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