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Time to Stop Political Sleaze

I have found last week’s antics in Westminster particularly nauseating, even by the very low standards of the political world. Firstly we have our elected Government trying to force through change simply to avoid one of their own being rightly punished for serious wrong doing. Boris orchestrated the manoeuvre to prevent that punishment and the reality is not a single noteworthy name showed the honesty, decency or backbone to challenge it; they just rolled over and accepted it. Having had to row backwards once again, the Government demonstrated their lack of moral fibre, whilst the culprit simply resigns and avoids any retribution for his actions. However, anybody that believes this behaviour is either unusual or a Conservative problem is simply deluded. This level of corruption is a very regular occurrence across all parties, with many of our politicians actively seeking opportunities to exploit such industry engagement. As a society we are supposed to see politicians as our elected leaders, responsible for making and upholding our laws and standards, but too often they show themselves to be bereft of the most basic standards of common decency and behaviour.

Unfortunately, many of them are little more than egotistical, self deluded and often incompetent half wits, detached from reality. Many, like our PM, are driven by personal gain and a belief that they are untouchable. Very few have the slightest understanding of the concept of leadership or any desire to serve anything other than themselves. Coming from a world where I have lost numerous friends and colleagues in the service of their Queen and country, I struggle to accept that this is the best Britain can achieve. It’s about time that we, as a country, enforced the need to uphold our laws, rules and standards at all levels and particularly in the corridors of power.

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